I want to move a flap on its hinge, but it rotates in the middle instead

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How do I make a flap covering a hole rotate from its hinge in the modeling application?   I have a model of a lid with a drink hole cover and I want to open and close the cover in the modeling app while showing the design on the big screen.  A static animation will not work, I need to be able to manipulate the model real time.  Currently I tried the move command but the part rotates from the middle and I don't know how to change the point from which it rotates.  I am using NX 8.5

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1. In the move menu, select from motion "dynamic".

2. Select tickmark "Move Handles Only"

3. Move the Dynamic Csys to the position where you want to rotate on

4. De-select Tickmark "Move Handles Only"

Now you can move your object on the selected position.
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thanks @Ronaldvandenbroek
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Your Welcome :)
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Perfect!  Thank you!
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