Siemens NX 10 system requirements

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What are the system requirements for Siemens NX 10
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If you have a GTac account you can find all needed information here.

The actual Excel table is to large to paste as normal text in here and attachements aren't possible


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Thanks for the reply.
ram and video card for windows what should be?
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A minimum of 8GB ram is required. For the graphics cards there is a list of certified cards on GTAC
Basically the most performance you get from NX is depending on the graphics card performance...
The faster and more memory you have on there, the better NX will perform for you...
Also Main processors are important...It is better to have 2 quad core processors then 1 8core..
NX isn't too good in multi threading
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thank you very much @Ronaldvandenbroek
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