NX 9.0 is using all RAM in my system

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Hi all,


The company I work for is having issues with NX 9.0. When using the software for any length of time it will max out our RAM. Our systems have 16 gb of ram and NX is using every drop of it. We do not work in assemblies! NX cna be the only thing running and it will eat up ALL of the RAM. Any help would be great.



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It depends on what kind of computer you are talking about...
Is it a desktop with dedicated graphics card?
A laptop with the graphics card in the processor?, these will take the System RAM and as the graphics card is the key factor in NX performance this can run op pretty fast.

Remark from Siemens in NX9 Help files (system requirements)


For Windows 7, the minimum amount of memory is 4 GB, but we recommend 8 GB or 16 GB of memory as a starting point. Large models and assemblies or running multiple processes concurrently could boost the required memory for adequate performance.

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