How to set default arrow-head style for Drafting Callouts for holes given using Feature Parameters????

posted by May 25, 2015 in NX Design Forum by nkv (220 points)
When giving drafting callouts for holes using feature parameters, arrow head style is unfilled type for all types of holes like Counter Bore, Simple Holes, Threaded Holes,..etc.

My question is how to set them to say filled arrow head type.

Or is there any customization like after giving all hole callouts, can I change all of them to filled arrow head type at one shot.????????

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1 Answer

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answered May 27, 2015 by Ronaldvandenbroek (9,770 points)

Go to the settings of your callout.

There you can change the appearance of the arrow.

This you can do for multiple selections at once...
Or in preferences Drafting you can make this setting permanent.