Why do constraints seem to fail during explode sequence?

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I'm new to NX. Using NX 7.5. I have an arrangement that I would like to make a exploded view to place on a drawing. The problem I am having is sometimes a part that is fully constrained in the unexploded view somehow jumps off the part during explode. I would attach a pic if I could add attachments.

Some other concerns with exploded views:

- Sometimes constraints will flip on me. They flip back to as constraint whenever I go back to unexploded view.

- Some parts that were suppressed in unexploded view will become visible in the exploded view. The parts in the model tree show that they are still suppressed, and I cannot even select the parts on the screen even though I can see them.

I have deleted and reconstrained parts thinking I was crazy. I searched high and low for an answer.

Please help me. I want to understand the issue. This should not happen in a expensive CAD system.

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