how can i separate the model and drafting which are in the same file

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I have a .prt file of around 100MB which has both model and drafting, Is there is any possible way to separate these files.

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There is, you have to make it a master model contruction.

  1. Open the file in the modeling. 
  2. Create a new drawing for it (file new) and select one of  the Drawing templates from Siemens (or your own).
  3. Cancel the view wizzard.
  4. Save the drawing
  5. Switch back to your model (which is now a component of your drawing)
  6. File Export Part
  7. Export the drawingsheet to your new drawing
  8. Go back to your new drawing
  9. Activate the imported sheet (double click on sht in part navigator)
  10. Check if everything is exported and okay
  11. Delete from your model the old drafting sheet
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Thank u so much
Your answer was very much useful to me
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You are welcome :)
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