Hi all, Im looking for a demo to show how to design a impeller\turbine in NX. Can anyone help?

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Firstly, do you want to redesign it or make a concept design. if redesign, what kind of input data do you have drafting or 3 dimensional point coud data.

Daljeet Singh
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Hi Daljeet,
This will be for a concept design. the impeller will have no working function.
once designed in NX i will then show how easy it is to apply toolpaths to the component.
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i may help, could u send me ur email so that i could send u a file. (part/video)
my email is singh86.daljeet@gmail.com
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Hey! I have one question to you. I recived some solid file created in NX. I have only NX CAM mode. I created note on one of the faces of solid and when I try to open prt file in SolidEdge the notice is invisible. What should I do to keep the notice in solidEdge file as well? Pls answer me here or on this mail:lukaszpap@gmail.com. Best regards and I hope u decide to help me :)

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