NX 10 CAM - Create automatic spindle speed and feed rate for tools

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Create automatic spindle speed and feed rate for tools

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This is one option how to do it. But in this case cutting parameters are not been optimized for time or profit. It’s like you have a watch that is not working, but at the same time its shows once in a day correct time, set of machining option dictates what kind of stepover and cutting depth has to be used. But part and this cutting parameters nearly never fit. Example: pocket has to be machined. Pocket depth is 10mm. But cutting parameters from database dictates that tool for milling this pocket has 8mm cut levels. So NX cam creates 2 cut levels, one for 8mm and one for 2mm. First layer is machined with correct parameters but second is not. 2mm layer is machined with cutting parameters that apply for 8mm layer. Result is that you lose money. What if You are deciding to do it with one layer. Cutting conditions are more difficult and you cannot use same cutting feeds and speeds that NX CAM automatically found from database. So, you have to find your tool catalogue and define right cutting parameters. Result - program is now optimized but speed feed automatic option was useless. 

This was only very simple example. If there is lot of operations like in molds You can imagine how much time or money is waisted with this kind of automatic speed feed definitions. 

I did a case study for this kind of auto feed speed definitions. Two methods of defining speeds and feeds automatically were compared. One was set machining data option just like in this video second was upgraded version of reset from table option. This reset from table option took into consideration real operation cutting parameters (stepover and cut depth) and by that defines spindle speed and feed rates. Result was astonishing machining time was over 40% shorter.

Here is link to presentation.

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Hello Friend.

i have some question.

I used NX11

I have to creat follow this video but  when i  Emport Tool Part File then have a message No write access to library.

I dont creat F,S, and depth cut ...

Can You have me please !

Thanks Friend.
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