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¿How to get an official certificate of Siemens NX8 as proffesional user or even instructor of the software?

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Hi, eflorido

Plz go through this link, consist info regarding certification on NX 


Daljeet Singh

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IF YOU ARE FROM INDIA,MIDDLE EAST, SINGAPORE etc(ASIAN COUNTRIES), you can approach the nearest CADD CENTRE TRAINING SERVICES Pvt Ltd. Education partner of SIEMENS, U will get international valued certificate,

visit www.caddcentre.ws

for more details.
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Thank you so much Mr Pavithran, but I´m Spanish... Do you know an Spanish or even European center like the one you recommended me for Asian countries? Thank you in advance.
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All CADD CENTRE faculties know Engilsh, Hope it is fine for you.
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i will inform you when i get it, let me enquire..
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