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I`ve another question about NX assembly. Is there a control tool available, where I can see which parts of my assembly don`t have all forced conditions already? If the assembly is not that big, I know which conditions I set and which have to come up - but if it`s a really large one, I don`t think it would be easy to manage it. So, there is a tool? Or how do you control all the conditions to know that every part is fully defined?

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What kind of conditions are you talking about? And which NX version?
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Sorry, I meant the constraints in the assembly. If you have a lot parts with a lot constraints, then it isn`t easy to control which part is fully connected and which not.
Maybe something like this exist?
Version NX9
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When you activate the column Position in your assembly navigator you can see which components are constraint and to which level (degrees of freedom)

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