How do I get a component back to the parts list

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I deleted a component in part list and now i need show again, it is now complete but without this componente.I searched the properties but did not find

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By deleting it from partlist you mean you have removed the line from the partlist on drawing?
If so then select the partlist table, rightclick and update partlist.

If you have deleted it from the structure (assembly) itself then you need to add it again.
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sorry but  i have a get a new email.
i don't delete the component in assembly, i delete the line in part list, update partlist dont back its.
Thanks for support.
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What if you delete the existing parts list and re-create. It should work.
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In my case, this did not work.
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Hello, my friends, I no longer delete the line referring to the component that I do not need in the part list, now I go to the properties of the component use IGNORE PART LIST as YES and the component does not show anymore, if I need it to return, just delete this value in the property and the component returns.

I've even created a button that turns the component on and off in PART LIST

Thank you all for the feedback.
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