Is refining mapped mesh of hole in Nx possible without error

posted by Aug 24, 2017 in Simulation by wazy (180 points)
edited Aug 24, 2017 by wazy


I solved the model successfully and I can see the results file (see the attach). but there is no result in the resulting folder in NX. the output file is linked above. 

For meshing a model with a hole using mapped mesh around hole hard to get in NX. the solution comes with error of rigid body motion as detailed by many users here. to me, it seems a call for meshing problem leads to this error. 

either Jacobian zero which does not pass through mapped mesh around the hole, or other meshing problems such as mating.

Any suggestion is of great help.

I have a plate with hole, any similar tutorial, please. Is fine mesh prohibited in Nx or not advised? how to enhance accuracy here?




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