CAM: How to activate cutter compensation?

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I'm wondering how to activate cutter compensation.
I know there's "Cutter Compensation" at the "More" tab under the "Non Cutting Moves"-screen, but what do the options (like "Output Contact/Tracking Data") mean?
They don't seem to activate cutter compensation.

I'm also aware of the "Cutter Compensation" event but what I need to know is how it affects whatever you've set at the Non Cutting Moves. Also, how do you use it? Activate (Mode = On) as a start event and deactivate (Mode = Off) as an end event? What do the options over there mean?

Manuals I've read about NX don't seem to cover this so I'd appreciate an answer.
I'm using NX 8.0.

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Output Contact/Tracking Data means that the that the output code is where the cutter engages with the material. If you want cutter comp to output in your program you need to select a Cutcom Location.

Select Final Finish Pass for Cutcom Location, making sure that you check the Output Contact/Tracking Data box. When you re-generate the tool path and post-process the program. The  operation set with cutcom will have a G41/G42 output in the relavent locations.

There is no need to use the Start/End Events to activate Cutcom.

You may want to take a look at your post-processor incase it is not setup for Cutter Compensation.
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