Freezing Iqf Manufacturers Share Low-Temperature Frozen Meat Preservation Tips

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Freezing iqf manufacturers share knowledge about cryogenically frozen meat:

First, the cause of frozen meat decay:
1. Microbial infection, growth, and reproduction.
2. Muscle discoloration of myoglobin.

3. Fat oxidative failure. These three factors play a role in this interaction.

Second, low-temperature frozen meat preservation skills:

1. Drying treatment, adding salt is a common preservation method.
2. Freeze and keep fresh, place the meat at a low temperature between -18 °C and 23 °C. Inhibit bacterial growth.

3. Fermentation treatment: meat fermentation treatment of frozen meat has good preservation characteristics, it is controlled by artificial environment, the growth of lactic acid bacteria in frozen meat is dominant, and the construction of low-temperature meat freezer construction #FormatImgID_0#

Converting carbohydrates from frozen meat into lactic acid reduces the pH of the product and inhibits the growth of other microorganisms. Fermentation of frozen meat also requires use in combination with other preservation techniques.

4. Add antiseptic preservatives, preservatives, antioxidants, color formers and quality improvers.

5. Use vacuum packaging.
All of the above methods can extend the shelf life of frozen meat.

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