Guanfeng Food Machinery Tells You How The Pasteurizer Works

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Today, Guanfeng Food Machinery tells you about the pasteurization machine. The pasteurizer is a low-temperature sterilization method that sterilizes materials at a certain temperature and for a certain period of time. The pasteurizer is divided into two parts: the sterilization part and the cooling part. These two parts form a complete sterilization process. Pasteurization of the sterilized material at a temperature of 98 degrees can effectively kill harmful bacteria. After sterilization, it can be transported to the cooling pool for rapid cooling to ensure that the bacteria will not continue to multiply and prevent the growth of bacteria.

The pasteurization machine can be applied to the sterilization of Flammulina velutipes, the sterilization of mustard silk, the sterilization of red oiled oyster mushrooms, the sterilization of kelp pickles, the sterilization of radish pickles, and the sterilization of bamboo shoots. The sterilization time and sterilization temperature of the sterilized materials will be different. The pasteurization equipment needs to meet the sterilization use of various materials to ensure the sterilization of various materials.

Characteristics of pasteurization machine: Pasteurization is a device for sterilization of food. It is made of food grade 304 material to meet the direct contact sterilization of food. Long-term use and long-term contact with water will not cause corrosion and corrosion, and high safety performance. Sterilization has a certain continuity, and the material will be slowly transported from one end to the cooling process under the action of the conveyor belt. The conveying speed and the conveying process are controlled according to the actual needs of the material.

The conveying of the pasteurization machine adopts the conveying method of the chain belt, and the surface of the chain belt is flat, and the material is not damaged when the material is conveyed, and the integrity of the material can be ensured.

The size of the equipment can be customized according to the actual processing needs.

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