Webinars in June and July : Introduction to the NX Industrial Design & Styling Solutions

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Introduction to the NX Industrial Design & Styling Solutions

July 12, 2 PM (Eastern)
This webinar introduces you to the powerful suite of tools for Industrial Design & Styling in NX.   It is loaded with demos of NX, customer case studies, plus a Q&A session.  We will discuss and demonstrate key capabilities and benefits of the NX Industrial Design & Styling Solutions, including:

  • Quick realization of concepts in 3D;
  • High quality form development, analysis and validation;
  • Embedded high quality visualization and aesthetic decision making;
  • Leveraging design data effectively downstream and for reuse; and
  • A user experience tailored for designers.

Register : http://am.siemensplmevents.com/?stc=wwiia420000&elqPURLPage=8096&elq=cba4ccb1e2b142b69d653750337fbe93

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