Why does NX/unigraphics suck so bad??

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I've been in CAD design for over 20 years. These last  two years I have had the unpleasant experience of using NX5 and NX7.5. I have worked with CADDS4X, CADDS5,PROE,CATIA V5, and SDRC_IDEAS. And I have to say my experience using NX had been like flashing back to the early 90's when CAD software was in it's infancy. Uknown errors, unstable contraining, curupt files, etc. etc. The list goes on and on.  Seriously??? And why does the software still support old menu structures and old school explicit modeling?? Depending on the comand you choose, you never know what you'll get!! They must have a excellent sales staff to sell this piece of..well you know what. And by looking through this website, I can see that MANY users struggle to use this software effeciently. Sorry but I had vent, and I know I'm not alone. PLEASE Seimens, hire some real software writers, strip this software down and start over!!!!



A very disgruntled user!!!!
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Try now on version 12.

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