can anybody please help me for this question????

posted by Oct 27, 2012 in General Forum by PRAJEETH (160 points)
I want the complete information regarding the  difference between the "PROMOTE BODY & WAVE GEOMETRY LINKER"  in unigraphics and why these commands are used whats the use of this one???

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2 Answers

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answered Oct 30, 2012 by rajeshraaz (470 points)
If we are using wave geometry linker then the body related to the linked body changes and the change will be depends on the linker body .


If we are using promote body the selected body itself promotes in assembly but their is no relation with the parent body .
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answered Mar 16, 2013 by altojoe (390 points)
promote body is actually using to make the body editable in fem initialization mode,please check with the imported model from other software.

Wave linker is used to create relation between different bodies.

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