how to rectify the internal error:memory access violation?

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OS is XP and UG NX 7.5, application was working fine, but two weeks back the problem started. when ever i tried to add a new component to an assembly the error message, "internal error:memory access violation" appears and some time simply the UG closes down.

there is enough free memory in hard disk, RAM is 2 GB.

tried reinstalling UG, tried with very small assy etc., the problem is persistant.

pl. help me to rectify.



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Hi this is likely to be caused by the Lightweight representation.

Just switch them off in Assembly load options to see if it is the case.

What kind of grapics card do you use?

If Nvidia you can also switch of the Threaded optimization in the 3D performance settings of the driver.3D Settings for Nvidia Driver

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the problem is rectified in my system by setting the display hardware acceleration to zero.

this was suggested in one of the answers in this forum, thanks


go to display properties,  setting, advanced,  troubleshoot,  set hardware acceleartion to None or to minimum.
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hello, i have the same problem with nx 9.0, always when i pick fem simulation after modelling part, this error shut down my work.
Can you tell me more precisely how find these settings, i cant find it myself
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Also I m facing the same issue as Subramanya  Will anyone  tell precisely how to rectify these issue.
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