Split part name as automated text on a drawing

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I'm working on a drafting template. In my company all drawings have part names in the following format:

xxx.xxxxx.xx - description.prt

In the title block I want two different fieds one for the xxx.xxxxx.xx (part number) and one for the description.

I can add the whole to one cel of the title block with the automated text <W@$SH_PART_NAME> but I cannot figure out how to split it.

In expressions you can use the function subString ( input tekst, begin char, end char ), but the expression editor is only available in modeling and the $SH_PART_NAME variable is not available in modeling.

I also tried setting to the cel to "evaluating cel as formula" in the style dialog. This works for a string that is entered, but not for the variable. (it places a - in my cell).


Anybody have an idea how to do this?

Thanks in advance!


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