Merge and patterning Sweeps

posted by Aug 14, 2013 in General Forum by mjrich79 (230 points)
Hi All


I am having difficulty working with the sweep feature.


1) I am able to create the sweep I want but it is not giving me the option to merge the result with the existing extrude. There is definite overlap so I am  sure it would intersect. I am not sure where you get the option to do it. Unlike extrude the sweep menu does not have binary options or at least I think they do not.  


2) I am trying to do a rectagular pattern which works fine for the extrudes but is not supported for a sweep. Is there a way around this limitation? Thanks in advance.



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answered Aug 15, 2013 by Ronaldvandenbroek (9,770 points)
Hi M.

Uniting should be no problem. Unless of course if the resulting sweep isn't a solid body but a sheet..
Once you have united the sweep with your main body then the pattern should be no problem either.

What is the exact error you get when trying to Unite?

Br. Ronald
commented Aug 15, 2013 by mjrich79 (230 points)

I am not even given an option to merge. The feature is a swept and does not have a binary portion in the dialogue to specify a unite. Moreover you cannot pattern this feature either which seems odd to me.

Any advice
commented Aug 16, 2013 by Ronaldvandenbroek (9,770 points)
And using the stand alone Unite..that doesn't work?
Patterns only work on features when they are connected to the main body. Stand alone features cannot be patterned unless they are united or subtracted etc.
commented Aug 16, 2013 by mjrich79 (230 points)
Thank you for clearing that up....

The issue was I it was not part of the main body. What was weird is swept does not give an option to combine where sweep with guide does. Odd, but saved me from a lot of headache. Thanks again.
commented Aug 16, 2013 by Ronaldvandenbroek (9,770 points)
edited Aug 16, 2013 by Ronaldvandenbroek
Unfortunately Siemens isn't very consistant on that subject. Not al menu's act consitantly or have the same options for behavior.
One anoying example are the ok and cancel buttons....In one menu you have to OK to accept and close. The other one you have to OK to accept and after that cancel to close....

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