Cannot Delete Loose Body

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Hi All


I am been trying like heck to get rid of this floating piece of a body. I am trying to make an air solid for CFD analysis. I first made a large extrude that enveloped the geometry. I did a binary operation to subtract out the parts from the volume to create the air solid. there are still a few hanging pieces that I am trying to delete and NX7.5 is giving me a hard time. I have tried the following


1.  revolve cut --->" Unable to create revolved body from specified section axis and parameters" I know this is not true since I can unite or create a body with the same inputs just cannot subtract

3. split body --> "tool Body Completly outside target Body"

4.  Trim body --> "Target body completely outside tool body "


Is there an easier way of takeing the negative of an object?  Thanks in advance.


I noticed that I only get the error if I completely try and delete the solid. If I leave a small piece around I can perform the revolved cut but still cannot get rid of the floating piece entirely.




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1 Answer

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answered Aug 21, 2013 by Ronaldvandenbroek (9,770 points)
The easiest and "Kind of Dirty" way would be to try and delete the resulting floating bodies with Synchronous Technology.

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