NX Module Integration

posted by Aug 22, 2013 in General Forum by osmania (130 points)
I need help about Ugnx module development.I wrote a module with C # and I want to integrate NX like a menu.Is it possible and how? Please help.

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1 Answer

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answered Sep 25, 2013 by MMahony (140 points)

Im writing extension to motion simulation module. I haven't make it working yet, but i found usefull information in documentation of programming tools and samples.

For this task i recomend topics:

NX Open -> Execution methods -> Adding custom Applications

Menuscript User's guide -> Menu Files

Menuscript User's guide -> Directories & Environment Variables

And sample: MenuBarDotNetApp.

This sample code is about custom NX app (like drafting or modeling), how to have button to switch to this app and customise avilable menu buttons in custom app.

Hope that helps.

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