Note containing text and numbers as tolerance

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I want to write 150 +0,2/ -0,1 as a text in a note.

How can I do that, so that the +/- tolerance is stacked above each other?

Thanks, Preben

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Nominal<C0.50> <C1.80>(<C0.50> <C0.71><T+UpperTolerance! +LowerTolerance> <C1.80>)

Hi. See above text line...
If you place this in a note you will get the desired result. The BOLD Italic text you need to edit to your needs.
Take special care on the ! (behind upper tollerance) it needs to be there otherwise it won't work....


Good luck

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Hi. Thanks for your answer. It worked!
Can you please explain to me what each "code" does?
Especially the "<C0,50><C1.80>"?
Just to be sure!
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Those are the heights of the individual text portions.... just change them and you should be able to see the difference.
The T and the ! are the codes to tell the correct possitions of the text (upper and lower)
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Excellent! - Thank You!
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