NX 8.5 Fatal Error

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I’m getting an error when trying to start NX 8.5 in Windows 8. The program used to open, but now every time that I go to start it I get a fatal error that says:
“Fatal error detected unable to continue
Unhandled operating system exception: c0000005”
Here is a screenshot of the error:
It occurs right after the startup splash screen is displayed from NX 8.5. I have tried reinstalling and repairing the installation but I still get the same error.


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Trying this may help ....we were facing this issue with 7.5 and windows 8

Go to run command and then type Regedit and follow the below path...

Path :-   Regedit\ hkey_current_user\ software\ unigraphics solutions\ NX\ 7.5\ layout\ railing\

Delete Frame Marker from right window....


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