PLM in Action -- Webinars in October and November #SiemensNX

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Siemens PLM Software offers the following new webcasts to help in your steps to improve PLM at your company.

Removing hidden inefficiencies in the aerospace composite development process
November 7, 11 a.m. (Eastern)
FibersimTM 13.1 provides new capabilities that make it faster to design composite parts. Unlike other composite analysis tools that only support rigid design approaches that slow down the development process, Siemens PLM Software offers a flexible methodology that allows you to create on-target designs faster with less chance for error.  Learn how these capabilities speed the overall development process by 20-30 percent and make it easier for development teams to arrive at highly optimized solutions.

What's new in NX 9 Manufacturing
November 7, 2 p.m. (Eastern)

NXTM 9 delivers new solutions that help you meet your manufacturing challenges and deliver higher quality products
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn first-hand about new capabilities in NX for manufacturing:

  • Mold and die machining , Prismatic part machining, Complex part machining , Quality inspection

Essentials for Excellence in Electronics and Semiconductors Design and Engineering
November 14, 2 p.m. (Eastern)
Learn how NXTM software enables a company to not only design and develop great products, but also help it to respond quickly and insightfully to new market opportunities and challenges. Take a look at NX’s core capabilities:

LMS webinars
various dates and times
Be sure to check out the latest webinars offered by LMS, a Siemens business.  LMS is a leading provider of test and mechatronic simulation software and engineering services in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries.  LMS addresses the complex engineering challenges associated with intelligent system design and model-based systems engineering including:

  • system dynamics,
  • structural integrity and sound quality,
  • durability,
  • safety and
  • power consumption.

Below are unique opportunities for online training.

NX for Manufacturing tech tips
Every other Tuesday through December 3, 12 noon (Eastern)
Take a closer look at specific CAM and CMM capabilities in NXTM 9 - and learn how to use them by joining live 20-minute webinar demonstrations. The first three topics are:

  • November 5:  new capabilities in NX CMM 9 inspection programming
  • November 19:  new capabilities of NX CAM 9 milling operations

What's new in NX 9 Design


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