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I'm new to NX (7.5) having recently migrated from SolidWorks I want to create a 3D sketch for use in creating surfaces.  Simple stuff but I just can't see how to start a sketch that isn't related to a plane.

Thanks for any future help.

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Sketches in NX are always on a plane... If you need to create lines which are in 3 axis (3D) then you either derive them from other geometry or use the associative curves options available.
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Thanks Ronald.  I did find eventually find the curves option, I like the way that they work by creating their own planes etc but I was unable to work out how to split / divide the curves so that I could attach endpoints from other sketched geometrry in order to create the required regions for surface creation.  I eventually opted for mixture of surfacing & solids which sort of gave me what I was trying to achieve.
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