Please Help ..How can i Install NX 9 Mold Wizared in win8 64bit..

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I have "Siemens_NX_9.0_Engineering_DataBases" file

how can i add in NX 9 win 64bit .....

i dont understend this Installation......please send me step by step jpg file or Video file /

my email id

Installation Notice

This is the description of Mold Wizard NX 9 Engineering Data Base Installation.

1. Download Engineering Data:
  a. Download and unzip to a folder, such as "d:\moldwizard_data".
  b. Set MOLDWIZARD_DIR environment variable to the above folder, for example "set MOLDWIZARD_DIR=d:\moldwizard_data".

2. Easy Fill
  a. Please download and easyfillnx9_README.txt and follow instruction.
  b. First time run flow analysis needs administrator permission.
  c. Set WCS to absolute CSYS before starting flow analysis.


Installation Notice
1. Unzip to %UGII_BASE_DIR%\moldwizard.
   Or unzip to %MOLDWIZARD_DIR%
2. First time run flow analysis needs administrator permission.
   or install two components under ..\moldwizard\moldex3d\Program\Bin\Component

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