Siemens NX 8 What are the system requirements?

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Hello everyone,

Siemens NX 7.5 What are the system requirements?

I'll take a new computer. Thinking of buying a Dell workstation.

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Would recommend the Dell Precision T1600. Performance is very good


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The new HP workstations is very good! I would recommend in terms of performance. HP Site

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Neither answer the question
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I found a suggestion;

WIN 7-64 OS
2 dual-core Xeon CPUs, fastest clock rate you can justify
8-12 GBs memory - load depends on motherboard channels
300GB system disk (load OS and other company SW here)
500GB application disk (load NX and use it for files, unless you have network disk storage)
Nvidia FX-3800 or better card
Space Mouse/Navigator
2 22-24" widescreen monitors

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