Siemens nx 10 release date

posted by Aug 20, 2014 in General Forum by elisa (380 points)
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When siemens nx 10 release date? I wonder innovations.


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answered Oct 1, 2014 by proracer42c (710 points)

Hi Elisa,

There is no date as of yet for NX 10 (if it even will be called that). I assume that NX 9 is not doing what you need it to do and that you have exhausted every known option to do what you need to do with it? For more insight on the history of Unigraphics, check out this article on the Tech-Clarity website (dated April16th, 2014). It gives you  more insight on the CAD platform. I have been on UG since 1993 and can tell you that NX9 blows every other CAD system in the weeds. I have yet to master all the options its so broad) . Here is the link for the article I was telling you about (enjoy)


Steve Charles






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