Why are past NX CAM Webinars not available for download?

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Streaming doesn't work for me.

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There are no video capture. I could not find.
please share if you find...


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Over the last six months Siemens did many CAM Webinars for NX. They only made a few available for streaming. All of the Webinars that Siemens did for NX CAM should be made available for download so they can be viewed off-line. I think like 6 of these NX CAM Webinars were done.
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Free Webinar - Introduction to NX8 CAM, March 23

This webinar will introduce you to the next generation of NX CAM Software.

NX CAM delivers a complete and proven solution for machine tool programming that enables companies to maximize the throughput of their most advanced machine tools. With NX CAM, companies can transform their NC programming and machining processes to dramatically reduce waste and significantly boost productivity.

This webinar is loaded with demos of NX, customer case studies, plus a Q&A session. We will discuss and demonstrate Key Capabilities and Benefits of NX CAM What you will see:
• Advanced Machining Capabilities
• Handle complex job requirements with ease
• See how to take advantage of the latest machining equipment & manufacturing processes Programming Automation
• Increase efficiency by capturing & reusing proven machining processes
• See how you can save up to 90% on programming time by automating routine tasks
• Production Ready Output
• Right first time on the machine tool - detect potential collisions even before machining parts
• Eliminate expensive try outs & testing on the shop floor
• Integrated Solution
• Eliminate the need for data translation between design & production
• See how to machine and modify data from any system with synchronous technology
• Ease of Use
• With a native Windows environment, users get up to speed quickly
• Minimize training time & cost
• Improved user productivity

To Register please go to: http://am.siemensplmevents.com/?elqPURLPage=7968&stc=usiia430111&nm=camlogic&pid=0013000000HYMnoAAH

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I'm glad Siemens is doing more Webinars for NX CAM but this does not answer why Siemens isn't making the old NX CAM webinars done in the last six months available for download.
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