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Hello everyone, I am new to NX though not new to CAD systems. I have been working on SolidWorks for a good while and moving onto NX for one particular reason:
I am forced to reverse engineer complex shapes and we all know its true - solidworks sucks at it.

The question I have is simple. When I create a new project in NX9.0 it asks me to pick the environment which are something like this

- modelling

- assembling

- shape studio

- machining

- drawing

Not sure if I remember correctly but it goes something like that, you all know what I am talking about. Now suppose I have a scanned STL mesh file that I must recreate the surface of. I am planning on doing this manually with little automation because I have some serious holes in the file that can not be filled. So which of these environments would best suit my needs? is it modelling or shape studio? What is the difference between the two? I did not find this info anywhere. Also when I have recreated the shape as a surface, I will also need to stretch it and bend it into different designs, so it would be nice if someone could point me out how to start the recreating process to be able to do this later on.

Many thanks! :)

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Basically you will always be using the modeling module in NX. In there the most of your work will be done...
importing actions are always performed while in modeling or by using the external translators ( which I recommend to use )  which you can find in the installation folder in your Start menu.

Typically when importing an STL file NX will try to create surfaces from those..
This will not give you the optimum result but you have a good starting point to create the model you are aiming for...

In your case I would start using Synchronous modeling...that will give you the best results in paramaterizing your STL model.
Synchronous modeling is a powerfull tool which will give you te possibilities to change a pair of glasses into a bicycle.


Have a look at below video..this will give you a good impression on how it works
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Thank you sir very much :)
But please excuse me for the dumb question that follows.
Where can I find this Synchronous modeling? Is it an add-in or already available at standard package? I would like to know how to access it if so.
Also I have noticed that NX tries to create surface around STL file (does not display the triangle mesh but in stead a seemingly uniform surface), but I have no knowledge of how to save or edit this surface as an actual surface rather than mesh, I can not even select it.
Thanks again!
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Hi Karlis..

You are indeed correct.. I have never used STL files in NX (too rough I feel) and assumed that Synchronous modeling would be able to handle those bodies as well. I did a quick test and to my surprise even synchronous modeling can't handle them. So I see not other option than to rebuild the imported model completely using surfaces and Sewing.
Synchronous modeling isn't a seperate is part of modeling. You just need to show the toolbar for it (rightclick on empty space in toolbar and activate)
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Oh I see.
Now about the shape studio. Can someone please explain to me what is the general purpose of this environment? Is it to take a finished model and alter its shape? Or am I missing something? I am simply curious! :)
And I wanted to know if the STL file can be used as a reference somehow but other than just visual. Can I add sketch dots to it for example?
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